My husband had an idea of opening up a shop about 10 years ago. He wanted a catchy name. I don't remember how he came up with the name Adam and Eves Automotive but I suggested "Why not cut it down to just Eve's Automotive. You can name it after your wife". He fell in love with the idea and proceeded to talk about his experiences with the female customers that he has had contact with while he was a mechanic.
He would say that several female customers felt very apprehensive about bringing their vehicle in for service because since they are a woman they felt that they were being taken advantage of. He also said that some women would complain of other shops treating them as if they were stupid.


It's hard to say how all this will unfold but it appears that he is making a sincere effort to make this happen.

I will stand by my man and help him as much as I can however since this idea is in it's infant stage he has to make that push to get the ball rolling so most of what needs to be done is done by him.

He values my opinion and comes to me with almost every idea and change that he makes. Once in a while he questions my opinion but ultimately he understands my way of thinking.

I know my husband well. I know how honest he is and the quality repairs that he performs.

If you call you will reach my husband. If you want to talk to me just give him your name and number and I will try my very best to call you in a timely manner.