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Time and time again we have seen the effects of mechanics not knowing what they are doing but think they do.  It is common to recharge the air conditioning system but this is done by a lot of misdiagnosing or no diagnosis at all.  Most inexperienced mechanics will offer this service first thing without even hooking any test equipment wasting the customer's time and money.  Too many times I have heard from customers that they took their vehicle to a shop which performed this service just to find that their a/c still doesn't work.

Sometimes repair places will advertise this as a maintenance service.  In reality, the refrigerant doesn't need to be services unless there is a problem.  Refrigerant doesn't get consumed.  The only reason why a vehicle's a/c system is low is if someone purposely took the refrigerant out, or if there is a leak, period.


Lately there has been a huge influx of people using over the counter cans of refrigerant to charge their a/c system, be it from shops or from the vehicle owners themselves. Sometimes this makes the a/c work but most times it is another waste of money.  Big businesses are banking on how cheap people are and push this 'miracle snake oil'. Even if it does work most of these cans of refrigerant are laced with stop leak.  This can stop your leak(s), but can also stop up small orifices on your a/c system causing nightmares later on down the line. And if the system was completely empty, chances are good that there is air in the system. Not only will this decrease the a/c efficiency, but will also speed up erosion internally.


Another thing that is commonly done is putting dye in the system.  This is ok as long as it is done sparingly.  We have seen way too much of this green goo used causing other problems.


Another common thing that is done is the use of the wrong refrigerant oil for the vehicle.  PAG 46 is common for today's cars, but doesn't work for all vehicles.  We have seen so many systems filled with too much refrigerant oil too.  The reason being is that people will put too much oil in on every service. After so many trips to various shops the system can have so much oil to cause the system to not work correctly and may cause damage.


Compressors get replaces be it from internal, external or electrical problems.  We have seen it too many times which the compressors has been changed just to have it go bad due to shrapnel still stuck in the system killing the new compressors. Sometimes the compressors. will be changed 3 or even 4 times because of that.


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