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Ever hear the saying "you get what you pay for"?  This saying strongly applies to the automotive repair industry as well.  People think that all shops are created equal so finding the cheapest shop is the best way to go.  Well, in reality, all shops are not created equal.


It takes years of training to be a good automotive mechanic (we like to be called 'technicians' to make us sound special), not only acedemically but hands on experience.  Knowing how something works helps tremendously when trying to fix it.


There are a lot of places where young women and men are thrown to the wolves not knowing what or how to do things.  They soon learn very bad habits from their coworkers that also learned them from their coworkers, and so on and so forth.   This is not fair to the customer however it is common practice for businesses to get these inexperienced people because they can be bought with cheap wages.  Again, you get what you pay for.

So, the repairs are done and hey, the car works!  Thats great!  Then the customer notice a problem, be it related to recent repairs or not, that crop up the next day, next week or a year from now.  Since the customer is on the cheap, not realizing that paying for cheap repairs in the first place screwed up their car, they find the cheapest place to do the next repairs.  Cars get so hacked in 5 years that it sometimes takes thousands of dollars to correct it.


Misdiagnosis is the number 1 thing we see that cost money. The customer on the cheap will again find a place that will give free diagnosis or at the very least find a place that will absorb the diagnosis time if they do the repair.  Most times we have seen part after part after part replaced until finally the problem is resolved or the shop gives up, still charging the customer.  Too many times we have heard things like "all these parts were bad that had to be replaced".  Yes, sometimes you can have multiple parts wrong, especially taking it to cheap places, but for the most part one thing usually fixes the problem.


And don't even get us started on cheap aftermarket parts too!  There have been a lot of times that the original equipment part, bought from the dealership (not OE equivilant as they will BS the customer with at the aftermarket parts distributor) will be cheaper, yes cheaper that the inferior part that was built by someone in indonesia.


If you are looking cheapest place to fix your car then please, for the love of God, stay the hell away from us.  If on the other hand you would truly like to save hundreds, if not thousands in the long run, then call on us.

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Save a dollar now, pay thousands later.
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