Car Air Conditioning Repairs and The Truth Behind It.






I will give you the truth as to how this business is by my observation as a 30 year mechanic and as a business owner.


People think that all shops are created equal, but being in this trade for the past 30 years I can tell you this is not the case.  We have seen so many botched and hacked repairs to make us wonder if the other mechanics that did them had any training whatsoever.  And the advice and info that some shops give have us baffled.


Shops will hire the cheapest people that either have no experience, very little experience, or are straight hacks.  Most shops rather get as many cars done in a day not caring about the car nor the customers.  A real shame.  These same shops will bait the customer with cheap advertised prices.  I have recently seen shops advertise online an ultra cheap price, then following the link that price is nowhere to be found.

People that do bargain shop go to the cheapest place they can find.  They ultimately go to several places and after years of this practice the once simple fix has been so botched that it now takes hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to make it right.  I have seen this too many times.


And how about that do it your self can of refrigerant you can buy?  It doesn't make you an instant ac pro.  So many people bought this just to find out that they wasted their money, or worse, made their system worse than it was before.  Big business is banking on how cheap people are and are making millions from it.

Other places will offer a 'maintenance service' which they will remove the refrigerant then refill it back.  No diagnosis whatsoever.  If it doesn't fix your car then there is an extra charge to find out what is going on.

There are laws in place stating that checks must be done everytime the a/c system is looked at, be it for diagnosing or repairs.  Click here to see what these checks are.  Most places don't even know this.


Bad advice is given a lot too.  People just don't have enough training so they will make things up.  I guess the reason is that they don't want to appear ignorant.

If you are looking for a bargain then for god's sake stay the hell away from us.

If you are looking for quality repairs using excellent parts then give us a call.  You will save money in the long run using us, and we have proven it time and time again.

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